Disrupt. Prosecute. Recover.

As criminals leverage private industry to cash out or launder their funds, your company holds many critical pieces of data that can be used to identify individuals and even more significantly, organized groups who are engaged in criminal behavior that is affecting your business and your customers.

No one entity holds all of the missing pieces, so by combining your signals with those of your peers and those of victims who have been targeted by these groups, the roadmap of the attack and the identities of the participants becomes visible. This leads to actionable data and positive outcomes.

Intelligence for Good is here to help.

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What we do for you

Intelligence For Good analyzes and enriches data that has been identified as being involved in criminal activities to make it valuable to entities who are focused on creating safe places for their customers to do business and communicate. Our data collection includes many signals that enable our cybercrime analysts to develop a detailed picture of potential nefarious cyber activity, such as:

  • Email addresses used in criminal activity

  • Phone numbers used for criminal activity

  • Web URLs used for crypto scams and illegal activity

  • Crypto wallets used for criminal activity

  • Shell companies for illicit businesses

  • Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) and Social Media Intelligence (SOCMINT) investigative data