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As a victim, it can be difficult to make your voice heard, challenging to get law enforcement's attention, and nearly impossible to recover your losses. We provide a place to share your story, and then we connect it with the stories of others who have been attacked in a similar way.

By analyzing important clues in the data you and others share with us, Intelligence for Good can help identify the criminals and criminal organizations who are behind these crimes and get appropriate law enforcement attention.

Intelligence for Good is here to help.

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What we do for you

By connecting your story with the stories of countless others who have been victimized by the same types of criminals, we can connect the dots to identify commonalities in things like email addresses, crypto wallet addresses, bank account numbers, etc.

By working with our industry partners to enrich this data and share with banks, retailers, and other service providers who may have interacted with those same threat actors, we are able to develop an investigation that takes your case from being a needle in a stack of needles to something that may be able to be investigated and actioned.

Does every victim end up with the outcome they deserve? Unfortunately, no. But by sharing the facts of your story, you are providing important data to our teams of cybercrime-fighting analysts who can take those details, connect them with others, and create something that may have a much greater chance of getting the attention of law enforcement and industry, enabling them to stop the criminals from victimizing anyone else.